Wave Servers

Wave Technologies Inc. was founded in 1997 by a group of entrepreneurs who had visualized the growing strength of the Internet, from a simple research tool to a very rich combination of innovation and communication, to becoming a very powerful tool in marketing.

Wave Technologies Inc. aims to provide a comprehensive view of Internet commerce and advertising by defining and analyzing online marketing strategies and evaluating the opportunities within it.

As a web solution provider, Wave Technologies Inc. offers a full line of hosting solutions and a team who specializes in creating, rebuilding and enhancing web sites for small to big business owners. We offer web applications to big corporations by providing them a tool that can handle data with speed and intelligence, offering their employees access anytime, anywhere. Working as the Internet strategists, our designers and technical staff have all the required ingredients at hand to develop the right solution for your company. It is our mission to take the extra step and further enhance our clients' business.